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As a leading diamond manufacturer, we are able to monitor precisely the quality of the gemstones that enter our inventory. We manufacture every stone inhouse with meticulous planning, a keen eye for detail, and multiple checks.


Tradition is part of everything we do. We have an impeccable reputation in the national and international diamond community since the 1980s. That’s because our tradition is to never stand still, but always make sure that we offer our clients the best diamonds and the best values in a changing world.


Certified Diamonds have always provided the much-needed trust and confidence to clients. New spark Diamond offers diamonds certified by the International Gemological Institute (IGI) which assures trust and confidence to the clients.


We know it is a changing marketplace, and our clients have to contend with competitive internet diamond sites. We can help you succeed by offering what we always have: a curated selection of the best diamonds at the best value.


Today, New spark Diamond provides unparalleled transparency in presenting its entire inventory online with direct access to certificates, videos, and more. Our customer service team is always ready to assist you with queries, diamond inspection, or anything else you may require.