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Your Wish Is Our Command!

We are serving the Gem & Jewellery Industry since 1978, with over a decade of manufacturing experience in Lab Grown Diamonds. We have grown to be one of the most reputed and trusted sustainable diamond traders and exporters. Our mission is to keep up with the latest trends to provide ecological, contemporary, technologically advanced, sustainable and cost effective diamond products. We are known for offering an extensive range of certified as well non-certified lab grown diamonds to our esteemed clienteles. We cater to clients all across the globe. We take pride in ourselves for our small amount of contribution to stop environmental hazards and at the same time help lower sell of conflict diamonds.

Our mission

Our motto ‘Your Wish Is Our Command!’ drives us to serve your desires with the best possible quality and service. We provide the modern consumer with the luxury of getting best quality diamonds at globally affordable cost.

It is our commitment to provide the highest quality lab grown diamonds by staying up to date on the latest technologies and innovations. By spreading awareness and education about these genuine diamonds, we hope to provide an all around superior alternative to mined diamonds and become the predominant leader in the wholesale of lab grown diamonds.